Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Snake Conqueror

My friend had been talking a lot about a theme park called Kings Dominion for a very long time and we finally had the chance to go. I was looking forward to this for a so long I could barely go to sleep without thinking about it. My brothers went off to Detroit to see my uncle and I decided I did not want to go. I had the choice to go or stay in Ashburn and go to the Baltimore Aquarium then go to Kings Dominion with my friend. So I chose to stay. When the big day came, we picked up my friend and went off. After we rode some rides it was time for the rollercoaster that would propel me into manhood.

Rollercoasters are more than just a ride at your usual theme park. They are rites of passage, they are what separate the men from the boys. This will make me a man. When I master this beast I will be a man. I will have bragging rights for my brothers. I will be able to say I mastered this rollercoaster without them to put me down. I did it and they didn’t.

My brothers were not the best of friends or family. If said they did something mean to me they would deny it and my parents would believe it for some reason. I never had bragging rights for anything mainly because I was just to small to do the things that my brothers could. They would play basketball on a really really good team I would just play on a normal team. They would play paintball I wouldn’t. I could finally get bragging rights

It was the one the only Anaconda. Terrifying yet intriguing. It stared me down as if it were about to strike at me. I looked at it, it stared into my soul with big red beads that were its eyes. As I approached it it stared deeper into me. I told myself I will tame this snake as if I were a snake charmer. I will finish this rollercoaster and I will not be too scared. I will master this snake and it will be mine.

Stepping shakily past the “possessed” gate, stepping towards the car, hearing the screams of other riders. Feeling vibrations of the roller coaster in my feet, I sit down. Pulling the harness down clicking in the seat belt in shakily I was finally ready. I gathered up all my inner and outer strength. We started ticking up the incline. Every tick my heart pounded faster, and harder. When the drop happened I felt like my stomach was left at the top and it just me falling down a vertical cliff face. We turned and I felt like I was in a bob sled going down the first tight banked turn. Then we started another really fast incline and we began a loop, then another loop, then the helix 4 completely sideways loops like a snake coiling up about to strike, then just like that, it was over, the brakes were like getting shot mid run and just stopping, like that. It was over, feeling like a man, as if I was just hit by a spell. I was now a man.

That trip to Kings Dominion wasn’t only fun because of the awesome rides and me conquering my fears but was that I got to do all of that with my mom and my best friend in the world. If I had the chance to do anything like that again with any of my friends I would take that chance then invent time travel to go back in time to do that again and do everything I could possibly do with my friends. This was my favorite day of my life at the time, I finally had bragging rights over my brothers. I was finally a man.

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